Monday, August 01, 2005

What Ben Says

I try to keep up with the words Ben says, but he learns so many new words so fast, I can't really present a list. Also, there's no way for me to remember them all. Mostly he still does not string more than two words together, and one-word utterances are the most frequent. He babbles long sentences sometimes, and although we can tell he really means it, we can't understand it. He says, "I got it," "I want it," "Out of bed," and one or two others I can't remember. He'll tell Lexie to "sit down" when she gets on the furniture, because anytime he stands on the furniture, we tell him to sit down. That was the first time we saw a sign of Ben being bossy at all. He's a delight most of the time, and seems to get wild mostly when he's hungry. As he learns more about us and the world, we learn more about him and try to keep everybody on the right track.

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