Thursday, August 04, 2005

Apple's Move to Intel Threatens Linux

After reading a long article about Apple's switch to Intel, I thought about it a bit. I'm thinking this move could help keep Linux from becoming more mainstream. Until Apple's recent announcement, Linux was the only halfway viable alternative to Windows in Intel desktops. Still, running OSX (legally) and the apps for it (legally) on an Intel machine will be a lot more expensive than running their Linux counterparts. However, the Apple platform is more established and more familiar to the average user. I won't argue which group of users is more loyal, and although Linux historically has been more attractive to those who like to "poke around under the hood," Apple's move to a Unix-based OS immediately caught the eye of those same enthusiasts. Apparently, I was neither the first nor the only one to think of Apple's threat to Linux, but I wrote everything above before reading any of it (be that good or bad). Here's just one online piece I found when I researched it. Enjoy. It should get interesting.

Update: I had to include this link where Apple pretty much comes out and says that nothing will prevent buyers of Intel-based Apples from also installing Windows XP (or other flavors of Windows, I would guess).


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