Monday, August 29, 2005

I Yike it a Yot

This weekend, I managed to install two more of our ceiling fans. Living pretty much anywhere in Texas without fans is not recommended. The second one went in Ben's room, and after I finished it, he looked up and said, "Ben's san."

Now, Ben doesn't use the"f" sound yet. Instead, he uses the "s." I said that yes, he was right, this was Ben's fan, and I asked if he liked it. He said, "I yike it. I yike it a yot." Just to catch you up, Ben's not saying the "L" sound yet, either.

As I came back from putting away the ladder and my tools, I could hear Ben yelling from his room, "Yike it a yot, yike it a yot." Shannon and I always get a big kick out of things like that, because, well, they're cute. There's no better way to put it. When something like that happens, something that you never would have predicted, you can't help smiling.

There's another upside to it. When Ben goes out on the Chesapeake Bay next week with his grandparents, he'll be able to say not only that he's on a boat, but that he's on a "yot."

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