Sunday, August 28, 2005

Find the Differences

Oops. What I meant was watching the sun rise as Benjamin plays in the sand. Thanks to jim for pointing out that it would be hard to see the sun set over the ocean while on the east coast.

Another thing... I took the two pictures below, before and after getting our new HDTV. That's the most obvious difference between the two, but can you the spot the others? Come on, you obviously have a little time to waste, or you would not be reading this. I have a page with bigger versions, if you need a closer look.


George and Laura said...

Well, besides the fact that you have a few DVDs or CDs on the shelves and you've got a HUMONGOUS TV, um...can't see anything :)

And although I noticed the same thing about your "sun setting" comment, I thought I would avoid embarrassing you...but I laughed when I saw Jim didn't let that stop him at all! lol

Thanks for the blog comment about my family, too, Mark. Nice to know we're not alone in the universe, huh? And we can thank God he gave us mates that can fill in those gaps our family missed - or totally damaged :) And it's wonderful when we can correct it with our own children, too, huh? (It's pretty mind blowing to me that someone out there is virtual space is reading these thoughts....another way to not feel alone in this human game we are in.)

Mark said...

Nice to know, indeed. Thanks for reading. But, hey, it's only 36 inches!

Mark said...

Hey, did nobody notice? I'm trying to get at least a little credit for something else I accomplished.

lilpuppy said...

seems to be a remote hanging on the wall and a few more remotes on the shelves... =)

Mark said...

Good eye, lilpuppy! I finally get some props (nice usage, eh?) for installing a new ceiling fan, with remote control. I posted the pic mainly because I love the contrast between the tiny TV sitting on the huge stand and the new TV. Doesn't seem right that I have to put in a word verification on my own blog!