Saturday, September 24, 2005

Simon of Space update

The author of Simon of Space has announced that he is in negotiations with a publishing company to have the book published "for real." As in, not paying to have it printed, but having an editor and a publishing company handle his work of art and present it to the world, then send him money.

There's no telling how long all this might take, but it's exciting news for him and all of us who have been following along. Not to mention those of us who also have dreamed of becoming paid published authors.

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Simon (of not space) said...

Hey Mark,

It was a pleasure indirectly interacting with you and a slew of others over there at SoS. (The interaction was indirect, not the pleasure.)

Thanks for swinging by my space (not space?), and we'll hopefully have more chances to interact if and when MFDH gets a moderated forum of some sort going now that the comments at SoS are going to die out.

And, umm, the only swinging I do is at the playground these days...