Friday, September 02, 2005

President Bush and trucks arrive

When I went to get my haircut at SportClips today (hey, they really do a great job, and fast, okay?), they had the TV’s tuned to CNN instead of ESPN. It was kind of interesting, because while trying to check out some news about my home state’s college team, I read this, which includes a pretty good perspective from an LSU sports figure whose team ended up helping move fully body bags instead of preparing for a game. I’m not a rabid football fan, but keeping up with sports news back home is one way to feel connected.

So, I also saw that President Bush is in Biloxi, Mississippi, talking to victims as he puts his arm around them to offer comfort. I don’t point out that last detail because I’m a blinders-on Bush supporter, or even a Bush supporter at all. Even in his final term, his party wasn't about to let him sit down there in Crawford on vacation. I'm not saying he would have, but that his own interests would not dictate his actions. Much of his appearance was for show, and I know that all politicians do that.

Sidenote: Why do so many reporters I hear call him “Mr. Bush” instead of “President Bush.” Like him or lump him, he’s the President, and I think they should address him as such. It’s just another thing that makes the media get labeled as anti-Republican, whacko liberals, and it frustrates me. I was a part of "the media" for a while, and nobody I worked with was anything but fair and even-handed when reporting news. I hate it when the decent folks get characterized by the actions of the ones who get the attention.

The TV also showed convoys of military amphibious trucks carrying huge payloads of meals ready to eat (MRE) to folks in New Orleans. It was about time.

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