Sunday, October 16, 2005

Comic Con October 2005

Adam Baldwin talks to fans in the main auditorium.

First, here is the page that has my pics and videos of the event.

I did it. Although I do not own any clothing or costumes resembling famous sci-fi characters in movies or TV, I went to the Dallas Comic Con this weekend. I went only Sunday, but my buddy Alvis and I had a good time.

When we got there at about 11:30, we had to wait in line to pay. We saw Marc Singer, who played Beastmaster and the lead guy in the "V" miniseries. Hands stamped for proof we were nerds just like everybody else, we went back outside to wait in line for the start time. The line extended across the street to the east parking lot, until a Klingon directed us to swing the line over to the sidewalk.

Which put us inside just in time to watch Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) walk right past us for a smoke break. I have a pic of his private moment here. I couldn't help it. It just hit me funny.

Our first activity was a great Q&A session by Adam Baldwin, of "Firefly" and Serenity fame. He's been in other things you might have seen, too, such as Full Metal Jacket, "Angel," The Patriot, and others. I've seen a total of about two of those things he's been in, but that was years before I knew who he was.

(Serenity spoiler alert)
Baldwin was funny and gave some memorable comments about working on the series and the movie. He admitted somewhat reluctantly that he was "pissed" that Wash died in Serenity. First he said that, for him, any future involvement in the franchise would strictly be in movie form, but later said that if the offer and the treatment were right, he would do it on TV again. He also mentioned that he disagreed with one comment that there was too much western flavor in the series, and that he wished there were more horses.

Lady in the crowd: Do you have any advice for someone aspiring to be an actress but who doesn't know where to start?

Baldwin: Stay in school.

Overall, he seemed much smarter and more grounded than the stars who usually make the talkshow rounds. It takes guts to do an open Q&A with no question screening.

After Baldwin, Alvis and I wandered into the main autograph room. Jonathan Frakes (and his wife), Erin Gray, Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Peter Mayhew, Marc Singer, Adam Baldwin, and a few whose names I can't recall, were in there, gladly taking $25 to autograph basically anything a fan put in front of them. We politely declined. When Kenny Baker came back to the room after a short break (sorry about the pun), he brushed against Alvis's knee.

There were lots of people dressed like Jedi, stormtroopers of various types, sandpeople, Darth Vader -- and a notable dearth of beautiful women. I don't say this because it made any difference to me. I only noticed it as someone with a minor in sociology. In the Dallas metroplex, if a gathering of any size lacks beautiful women, you know there's something nerdly going down. I don't think that's the way Durkheim or Weber would have put it, but it was only my minor.

When I stopped at the booth for Feeping Creatures, the artist commented that he liked my shirt. I had picked it out because it was the only thing I owned with a nerdly theme. The front of it reads, "I'd like to change the world, but I can't find the source code."

Note to the technical people at the Plano Centre: Test your sound system in the main auditorium before handing the microphone to the celebrities. Feedback is not a feature.


Mark said...

Just wanted to add that the most impressive costume, because it was not store-bought but still looked great, was on the guy dressed up like a Ghostbuster. He had the backpack that lit up and even made a zapping sound when he flipped a switch. I regret that I got no pic. I'm going to fish for one on the Dallas Comic Con forum.

Simon said...

The inner geek in me would so dearly love to have gone to something like that.

Thanks for at least letting me live vicariously through your geeky experience!

Mark said...

Yeah, it was fun. Some of the attendees were hermit-style folks, but most were outgoing and friendly. I'm almost always up for being around people like that!

Anonymous said...

I did see some attractive women there, me being one of them. I'll have my friend post some photos of me w/ Adam Baldwin and you can judge for yourself. It was my very first con,so I am not normally at these gatherings. But I've gone full nerd for anything Firefly/Serenity related.

Mark said...

Oh, I'm not saying there were no beautiful women. Just few and far between. Actually about two seats over from me at Adam's Q&A was a very pretty young lady. She laughed a lot at his funny moments, but I dare not say it was the goofy giggle of a girl with a crush. That would be far too much to assume from just a laugh.

Army of Mom said...

Geekdom lives on! I had a blast. Glad you enjoyed yourself. These are so much fun. I really enjoy this particular one. I went to it last October and missed the one in the spring, but will stay on top of it from now on!

psst, hope I was one of the cute ones there, too! Ok, as cute as a thirty-something soccer mom can be!

Army of Mom said...

And, I, too, noticed the lack of attractive gals, too. Not a lot of studly dudes either, but hey, it was good fun and you're right that everyone was really really nice.

I think I remember seeing that shirt you had on!!!